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 About Cannatique

Cannatique cultivates some of California’s finest artisanal, top-shelf cannabis. Moreover, cannatique strain and concentrates in fresh and unique tastes are available at Cannatique is all about building an experience and a lifestyle around their brand. With their newest capsule release of the Red Rum strain, they also included a comprehensive merchandise assortment.

CCC from Cannatique has hand-trimmed, clean cannabis and incredibly strong concentrates worth bragging about. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which Cannatique product is best for you; our handy guide has you covered. Check out these options, and then go over to City Compassionate Caregivers to stock up on your favorite Cannatique items.

Cannatique Farms was created in 2011 in Oakland, California, by Rebecca Kirk and her father. Cannatique keeps its cards close to its chest; not much information is known about its grow technique or past. Appropriately, they provide a No Cap strain to emphasize their emphasis on quality and word of mouth rather than a lengthy origin narrative and a philosophy that revolves around adored unique genetics.

The infused preroll carton’s bottom and top represent a delectable, overflowing soft-serve swirl of the titular treat. With no additional information, it is enough to make you want to purchase it, test it, and tell all your friends about it.


Furthermore, Cannatique’s packaging communicates prestige and luxury in a very subtle manner; for example, the hottest club in town does not have a sign out front. It’s the social practice of knowing what’s going on and being able to take advantage of others who don’t.

Cannatiques stands out from the crowd with their soft-serve logo and appealing strain names. The first thing I noticed was the blackberry gelato, which made my mouth wet. The Blueberry Cruffin preroll from the brand, encased in holographic foil, is enough to seduce you into a “whatever-it-costs” impulse buy.

A budtender at Sherbinski’s famed Fairfax location told me that lemon cherry gelato was his particular favorite at the time, which clinched the deal for me.

This sort of organic hype is what drives and supports Los Angeles culture. Artists’ reputations in this town make or break them. The same is true for cannabis brands. As more alternatives become accessible, it takes much more than buzz to keep people coming back. Will cannatique lemon cherry gelato ever work again in this town? That was the clincher for me.


This preview is shocking right away. I was expecting a bright, fruity, and even excessively sweet fragrance. The Wandz, on the other hand, creates a different spell—really earthy and dank, with a subtle skunky backend on the nose.

Furthermore, the preroll falls roughly midway between a joint and a blunt. It’s well-rolled and abundantly filled; however, it’s wrapped in clear joint paper rather than a cigar wrap. Moreover, the Wandz is quite attractive, and the glass mouthpiece is practical and easy to use. It significantly improves the tactile feel and results in better smoke.

Even more amazing than the fragrance is the inhale. Furthermore, the flavor is quite flavorful and delicious. I tried to get lemon or cherry, but they weren’t available.

The Wandz rips quite well. It’s difficult to put this one down with enormous smoke clouds after giant smoke clouds. Depending on your tolerance, you may want to proceed with caution.

The high is really potent. As general bewilderment reigns, the mind-body split becomes increasingly less meaningful. The Wandz are only for skilled magicians. This is a superb smoke that will carry you to tremendous altitudes.


Blackberry Gelato



Lemon Cherry



lemon cherry runtz



Pink Cup



Planet Crapez


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