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Grandiflora Genetics strains for sale online 

Grandiflora Genetics has an outstanding reputation in the market. It is known for cultivating unique, high-quality, and distinct cannabis strains. It is a brand that cannabis users trust despite the higher price value of its products. All their cannabis strains are cultivated exclusively in the Bay Area in Oakland, California.

In 2019 they officially partnered with Cookies, the leading brand of cannabis in North America. Cookies cannabis brand is popularly known for creating a lifestyle around unique and top-shelf cannabis strains. This epic partnership is a commitment by Cookies to support fellow cultivators in the cannabis space.

Who Owns Grandiflora Genetics?

The person behind the success of Grandiflora Genetics is Mark McCafferty, who started the inception of the brand in 2008. He started breeding various types of distinct strains and strategically posted them on Instagram. McCafferty caught the attention of Cookies founder Gilbert Milam Jr., more popularly known as Berner, and they connected in 2018 to form a partnership. Both companies have the same goal and vision of providing unique and top-quality products.

Grandiflora Genetics Strains

Grandiflora is a Latin word that means a hybrid of plants that grow clustered flowers in a single stem. The Magnolia grandiflora (southern magnolia) is said to be the brand owner’s favorite flowering plant.

Glanadifora Genetics grows authentic and innovative types of strains. Here are some of their most popular strains:

  • Red Velvet Strain – A high potent strain that users describe tastes like a funky, musky cheesecake. It has perfect humidity and excellent trim. Red velvet has a moderately strong effect that makes you feel slightly hazy.
  • E85 – A relaxing hybrid strain with a 29.1% THC has an earthy and fruity taste and aroma. It is strong enough to give you both a body and head high.
  • Top Secret Project 4516 – This strain has 27.9% THC that gives a good solid high that makes you relax but doesn’t make you too euphoric. It has a sweet and fruity taste and aroma.
  • Chemical X – This strain is approximately 30.24% THC and is a cross between two different strains. It is a potent strain with a powdery and weedy taste. It doesn’t make you hazy and is mainly used by those with chronic sleep problems.
  • Grandi Guava – This strain has a 28% THC with a light fruity taste. Some users consider it a rough flower, so if you’re using a gadget like vaporcup, just lower the temperature to make it smoother.
  • Super Charger – This strain has 24% THC and .04% CBD. It has a very smooth pull and gives you the right high but with a clear head, not hazy.
  • Hectane – This strain has 29% THC that gives a calming effect and a solid high. It has a distinct earthy taste.


In addition, Grandiflora Genetics is a brand known for premium and unique cannabis strains. It is the brand of choice for those in the lifestyle of reaping the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis to improve their lives. The products, however, are relatively more expensive, so it’s best to read reviews and feedback before choosing a strain.


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