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Jungle Boys; They are a group of dedicated farmers with one goal in mind: to cultivate clean, strong cannabis. Their novel approach to pheno-hunting has resulted in the discovery of some of the most distinctive and intriguing strains available. We’ll never stop attempting to improve the process and elevate our jungle to new heights, with over 500 unusual cultivars in our genetic library and more seeds springing up every day.

Our hand-selected flowers and single-source extracts have drawn cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world to our California retail locations. With more Jungle Boys dispensaries opening around the Sunshine State, we’re making our imprint on Florida’s medicinal market. We will always be a small firm of devoted growers striving to provide the best product possible, no matter how far we grow.

Jungle Boyz

Head Stash


Jungle Boyz

Ice Cream Cake


Jungle Boyz

Project 4516


Jungle Boyz

Sundae Driver


Jungle Boyz



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